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By incorporating an Offshore company, you are guaranteed a high degree of confidentiality for your business.

This is possible is many ways:

  • On the one hand, these companies mean that the shareholders/management are not made public due to the anonymity conferred by such companies. In addition, some jurisdictions authorise the use of bearer shares.
  • On the other hand, an Offshore company can be used as a ‘nominee’ for a company located in Europe, for example, and enable the identity of the economic beneficiaries to be withheld.

In practical terms, a contract will be signed between the two companies and the one set up in Europe will be able focus on administration, marketing and contract negotiation, etc. It will be able to invoice customers for these services and pay the Offshore company in return, while deducting a small part.

This will reassure some companies that do not want to deal directly with a company located in a tax haven.

If you want:
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