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E-commerce/IT services

Major tax and cost savings are available to companies that deliver their products electronically.

Not all jurisdictions have the necessary telecommunications and technical networks required to set up e-commerce or IT businesses. Qualified staff may also be difficult to find.

It is therefore necessary to choose the jurisdiction with care and to consider all the aspects that will govern your success:
  • Legal and fiscal aspects
  • Technical aspects:
    - modern and reliable telecommunication services
    - technical expertise available locally

The businesses that lend themselves the most are:

  • Retail sale of intangible assets/intellectual property, such as IT programs, music and film
  • ePublishing
  • Telecommunication services
  • Translation services
  • Web-based educational and training services
  • On-line gift certificates
  • On-line brokerage and other financial services, including insurance
  • Legal services
  • Technical support services, particularly IT programs
  • Information and information retrieval services
  • Internet service providers
  • Internet portals
  • Various corporate services
  • Data storage/data warehouse centres
  • Database management services
  • Audit and certification services
  • Telecommunications and secure transactions centres
  • Supply chain management centres
  • Communication and invoicing centres for fibre optics and satellite systems
  • IT network control services

The most favourable jurisdictions for e-commerce businesses are Gibraltar, Bermuda, Dubai and the Isle of Man.

We will advise you and take care of all the operational aspects of your project.

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