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Holding company set up

You require a company in order to invest in subsidiaries to control them in whole or in part. You do not wish to directly produce goods or provide services.

Set up a holding company to meet fiscal and/or strategic requirements.

Interested in tax incentives?

In several foreign jurisdictions, the tax system for holding companies provides ideal conditions for:
  • the upstream payment of tax free dividends from your company(ies) to the parent company
  • using the debt of one of the subsidiaries to reduce the group’s consolidated tax base
  • optimising the taxation of the subsidiary/ies while retaining the business/production centre in its place of residence.
  • selling subsidiaries without the capital gain being taxed

Interested in strategic advantages?

By its very nature, the holding company enables you to:
  • Take control of a company more easily and with a smaller investment than for mergers and acquisitions
  • Buy shares in a company without consulting the parent company shareholders
  • Underwrite the debt of the subsidiary in addition to seeking institutional and private funds
  • Apply other fiscal vehicles (such as an Offshore company) to companies that would not otherwise accept them (e.g. a French company)

The choice of jurisdiction for setting up a parent company will depend on your requirements. We will advise you and take care of all the operational aspects of your project.

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