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Intellectual property

An Offshore company can hold rights inherent to intellectual property. These rights may focus on software, patents, technical solutions, expertise, inventions, brands, literary or artistic works, drawings and industrial models.

When these rights are acquired and registered by an Offshore company, they can be used when a licence or franchise is granted, and royalties, fees, copyright royalties and other payments can be collected in return.

To avoid paying withholding taxes on royalties, it is important to choose the Offshore jurisdiction for your company according to international double taxation agreements.

The following jurisdictions are attractive for intellectual property right holding: United Kingdom, Madeira, Netherlands, Cyprus and Mauritius.

In addition to the incorporation procedures that we cover fully, we advise you on the cost of international applications and registrations, and cover:

  • your copyright protection
  • registration of your trade- and service marks
  • registration of your drawings and models
  • registration of patents
  • protection of your databases and software
  • drawing up of contracts covering national and international Intellectual Property rights

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